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Forsaken World Gameplay

Forsaken World Gameplay

Forsaken World is a free MMORPG from veteran publishers, Perfect World Entertainment. PWE are also the publishers of other MMORPG games such as Jade Dynasty and Rusty Hearts, but Forsaken World is widely considered to be one of the most in-depth MMORPG's in their arsenal.

One of the most interesting aspects to Forsaken World is the highly innovative crafting system, known as Jobs. There are currently 15+ jobs available in-game, with more planned in the coming months. All players gain access to the job system after completing the basic tutorial available on Freedom Harbor. You must then continue through the main story earning quest points for completing certain quests, each craft requires a certain amount of job points to unlock, making it a vital choice on your characters path to maximum level. The 15+ job options provide players with the means to create practically anything they need, from potions and other consumables to rare and powerful weapons.

As is common with Perfect World games, Forsaken World is full of regular competitions and events. There are various types of events ranging from story-themed PvP to holiday events. The majority of the events are open to all players and offer exclusive rewards that can't be found anywhere else in game. There's a great in-game tool that allows you to instantly check the scheduled time for the next event, all the information regarding the event itself, and the reward should you be skilled enough to complete it.

Forsaken World is full of other great features such as highly intense PvP, a large guild function and the prayer system. Once every hour players can choose to pray to their chosen deity, a god which looks over them and aids them in battle. It doesn't take a lot of work and is activated at the push of a button. Players that pray to their god every hour earn some very valuable buffs to their stats, making devoted players progress through Forsaken World at a much faster rate.

By Rachel Rosen


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