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Formula Wincars is an arcade racing free to play MMO developed and published DragonJam Studios. Social interaction and multiplayer content are the core features of this fast paced game. Players compete in real time races, tournaments and contests to get rewards and leaderboard ranks. There are a ton of new cars, characters and features that can be unlocked by gradually completing Formula Wincars activities. Plenty of cosmetic items and features allow racers to customize their looks. The driving style is flexible as each car has unique characteristics.

Tactic, skills and strategy are the 3 aspects that need to be mastered in order to win races. Skills are acquired by simply playing the game and getting used to its mechanics. Formula Wincars is a newbie friendly game that provides enough support for starting players. Tactics and strategies are developed by taking various factors into consideration such as terrain type, car stats and character’s skills. Asking veteran players for tips is a good way to get valuable advices. Forums are a rich source of game related info. Alliances are one of the Formula Wincars social features that allow players to form permanent groups. Friendly guildies will always be happy to lend a hand or answer questions. There are 4 Formula Wincars racing environments: urban, countryside, competition and rally. The scenery is not the only thing that differentiates them, each one has a unique terrain type and structure. One track requires players to race through hot lava. Car performance on a certain terrain type is one of the most important selection criteria. All Formula Wincars vehicles have 6 attributes: speed, acceleration, endurance, turn, weight and grip. Players experience the driving role through multiple characters. This system is similar to RPG character development. Just like cars, each character has advantages, disadvantages and unique skills. Knowing what car is suitable for a certain driver character is a crucial aspect that can influence the outcome of a race. Both cars and characters can be visually customized with skins and outfits.

Formula Wincars real time racing events support up to 8 players racing at the same time. Game developers implemented a new system to keep track of players position during a race and also to reduce lag. Tournaments are big competitions with hundreds and even thousands of participants. Players are free to download this MMO game and experience plenty of content without spending real money. Premium services in the form of in game add-ons or special items can be purchased from the cash shop. Formula Wincars is developed using Unity game engine and runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

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