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  • Football Superstars: char

    Football Superstars: char
    Football Superstars, unlike most sports sim games, focuses on creating one and levleing up one character....
    Football Superstars: char

    Football Superstars: income

    Football Superstars: income
    You need money to buy training and new gear. Thankfully, you start with 1500 FS dollars....
    Football Superstars: income

    Football Superstars: 3v3

    Football Superstars: 3v3
    One gameplay option is a 3v3 match. You and 2 AI allies go against 3 AI opponents. It's a good thing my teammate knows what he is ...
    Football Superstars: 3v3

    Football Superstars: progress

    Football Superstars: progress
    During the game you can level up, train skills, and buy and equip new items. Football Superstars is a sports sim that uses aspects...
    Football Superstars: progress

Football Superstars Gameplay

Football Superstars Gameplay

Football Superstars, developed by Monumental Games, is a free mmo game focused on football. Football Superstars is published by Cyber Sports. Created in 2008, Football Superstars is one of the first football mmos. Even after 4 years, Football Superstars still has unique features. Players can compete against each other in a realistic setting. The camera angle is set in first person mode. The players will feel like they really are on the football field. This view opens up great strategy possibilities. Developers had accessibility in mind when they designed Football Superstars controls. It won't be hard for new players to control and move their Football Superstars character. Players can even comment on football matches. Communication between players is encouraged.

Each gamer starts Football Superstars just like a real football player. That means they won't have much money and their skills need to be polished before a real competition. Football Superstars players need to worry about their fame level too. Being seen by paparazzi in clubs or other trendy locations will surely improve a player's celebrity. Being famous will bring players advertising contracts and sponsorships and ultimately money. Fame allows players to get access to special items like drinks or outfits. Players need to work their way up through 28 fame levels before becoming international superstars. Gyms and facility trainings are not be be avoided because football players need max physical condition. Personal trainers and coaches can help footballers reach their maximum potential and improve their performance on the football field. Football Superstars rpg is a game for all types of gamers and football fans. Players that prefer to keep it casual can take part in non tournament matches. They can play with friends or random Football Superstars players. This is a great way to improve your game. Experienced players can choose the Sponsor system. Each season, 14 teams compete against each other. The goal is to play in the first division. There are lots of seasoned Football Superstars players and this makes matches really challenging.

Football Superstars also has a sort of mmorpg guild system. Player Managed Clubs (PMC) are football clubs led by real players. Just like a guild leader, club managers will recruit other players and battle with other clubs. Some clubs only take elite players. Football Superstars uses 2 types of currency: dollars and credits. Dollars and won in game by taking part in competitions. Credits are Football Superstars premium currency and can be obtained in exchange for real money.

By Rachel Rosen

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