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  • Football Manager 2012: positions

    Football Manager 2012: positions
    Make sure to set your postions. Rememeber to focus on the strengths of your players and keep an eye on team morale....
    Football Manager 2012: positions

    Football Manager 2012: expectations

    Football Manager 2012: expectations
    Set the expectations for the season when you start playing....
    Football Manager 2012: expectations

    Football Manager 2012: staff

    Football Manager 2012: staff
    Recruiting new staff takes time and money....
    Football Manager 2012: staff

    Football Manager 2012: ui

    Football Manager 2012: ui
    The interface of the game is complex and is full of information. Make sure to study all aspects of the interface....
    Football Manager 2012: ui

Football Manager 2012 is a sports club simulation MMO that lets you manage a fantasy football team. Players will be given full control on how to scout new recruits, which coaches and star performers to poach, what tactics to impose on your team, and even the numbers-heavy financial side of building a team within your financial means. All this comes under your purview as the all-powerful football manager. Like most simulation RPG Games, Football Manager 2012 is not for the faint-hearted. There are tons of data to sift through and analyze for you to be able to form the best management strategies. Newbies willing to learn the ropes and really get knee-deep in the game will find helpful primers available from developer Sega. Another great source for tips is the mostly friendly online community that competes between fantasy seasons. Of course, don’t expect them to reveal their best trade secrets.

Pre-season preparations are just as vital in Football Manager 2012 as it is in the real life sport leagues. You need to aggressively scout for talent, offer your existing players competitive but not bank-breaking contracts, and assemble a team that will hit the ground running and take you all the way to the championship. Once the season kicks off, there’s also a need to watch the 3D matches to see who among your players are performing and what tactics, if any, are failing miserably. Football Manager 2012 gives two new camera angles from its past installments – the “Behind the Goal” and “Director Cam” views. These provide additional perspective on the match that other cameras might have missed. Managing your football club involves clicking through numerous menus, which the game addresses with a streamlined interface. Filters can be set up, stat columns adjusted, and plenty of overview screens so you will always be reminded of the big picture scenarios. It’s easy to get lost in the itty bitty details when you have a flood of data vying for your attention.

Striving to be the definitive standard for football management as how Final Fantasy or Diablo is to rpg games, Football Manager 2012 definitely goes all out in its platform flexibility and features. The game can be managed almost anywhere through its wide platform support. It can be downloaded for the PC as well as iOS or Android handhelds. This makes it convenient for players to do a quick check on trades and matches while commuting, taking a lunch break or riding the elevator. Over 800 new features have also been added, including press conferences, newgen creation and friendlies.

By Rachel Rosen


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