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  • Flyff: character

    Flyff: character
    You only have 3 character slots at first. MMOPlay gets ready for battle....
    Flyff: character

    Flyff: stats

    Flyff: stats
    Don't forget to increase your stats when you level up. C is the hot key to pull up your character screen....
    Flyff: stats

    Flyff: sword

    Flyff: sword
    A new weapon makes all the difference. A sword tripled the damage!...
    Flyff: sword

    Flyff: quest

    Flyff: quest
    Finding your first quest may take a bit in Flyff. Make sure to explore the city before leaving so you can find any available quest...
    Flyff: quest

Flyff Gameplay

Flyff Gameplay

Flyff (Fly For Fun) was released in December 2005 and is now hosted by multiple companies reaching 13 countries. Flyff is available in 10 different languages, with an estimated player base of just over 5 million. Gala Lab free MMORPG is one of the successful long-term MMORPG releases in recent years. Flyff has a unique character progression system, players don't get to select a class at the beginning, instead they're given a default class called Vagrant. Once players reach level 15 they're able to choose their first class from a selection of 4, and then again at 60 and 129. There are 12 classes in total with players being able to switch freely to the next class once they reach the appropriate level.

As you would expect from a game called Flyff, one of the most unique aspects of the game is the flying travel and combat. Once players reach level 20 they can select from a variety of travel powers, Brooms, Boards, Bikes and Wings, all vary in speed and control. Players use WASD to control which direction they fly and use space to control their speeds. This allows for a good amount of control when flying which aids with the aerial combat. Players are able to attack airborne monsters while flying, although they're limited to what abilities can be used. There's also a weekly race called the Rainbow Race, players participate and attempt to reach the finish line first for a GM reward.

Flyff also allows people to collect and train various pets. There are 3 types of pets Pick-up Pets, Buff Pets and Raised pets. Each pet is acquired in a different way, has different benefits and perks, and can be totally different in terms of appearance. Pets can be leveled right from egg phase up to their final evolution, increasing in power and effectiveness as they grow.

By Rachel Rosen


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