Florensia takes on a new lease of life

By Tam Mageean
florensia update

Get ready for a blast from the past! Florensia was a popular mmorpg that launched in around 2008 and rose to popularity all around the world, particularly in Europe. Although it had over a million players in its heyday, the fan-base is much more of a tight-knit community now. However, European publisher, ProSiebenSat.1 have a vision to change that; bringing Florensia into the arena of next-gen gaming.

To kick things off, ProSiebenSat.1 have announced a huge Florensia update, complete with mounts, mini-bosses and some fundamental system tweaks. The Japanese rpg was originally made with Windows 2000 and XP in mind, but the new update has been tailored towards the new stream of Windows 8 users entering the fantasy realm.

One of the biggest new updates, in true jrpg fashion, is the inclusion of mounts. With the new Dodo and Silver Vixen mounts, players will now be able to cruise across the terrain with minimal fuss, at optimal speed, and, of course, in unrivaled style.

To make things more challenging for Florensia veterans, the ante has been upped two-fold, as the Hoomanil Oceans no only becomes a PvP zone, but also an area infested with brand new mini bosses. Not only will you be able to take on a whole host of powerful new monsters, with enticing cash and item drops, but you'll also have to take on nearby players, as the loot is sure to attract scores of PvP scavengers.

If you'd like to give the revamped mmo a try, be sure to click on our link to the right.


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