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  • Florensia: mage

    Florensia: mage
    Florensia does not use traditional class names. The mage is actually a noble in this game....
    Florensia: mage

    Florensia: quest

    Florensia: quest
    Do you see an scroll above an NPC's name? Go talk to them, they have a quest for you!...
    Florensia: quest

    Florensia: skill

    Florensia: skill
    Add points to your skill tree to upgrade skills or unlock new ones....
    Florensia: skill

    Florensia: combat

    Florensia: combat
    Spells are used much the same way as any game. Lock on and hit hotkeys!...
    Florensia: combat

Florensia Gameplay

Florensia Gameplay

Florensia is a fantasy based free MMORPG game published on the Alaplaya gaming portal. Florensia takes place on both land and sea, offering players multiple aspects of advancement from their character and class to their ship and crew. Florensia offers players 12 unique playable classes, all of which have access to their own special abilities, perks and stats. You advance your class by completing quests and defeating monsters, earning experience points to increase your level and unlock stronger abilities.

Florensia features combat on both land and sea, with players exploring various areas from lusciously green jungles to oasis like islands sporadically placed around the ocean. Players are able to get their very own ship, that they can use to explore the high seas and attempt dangerous expeditions. There are 5 different ship types available, all of which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Each ship levels and improves in a similar way to the class system, allowing you to purchase better weapons and items as you level up. The oceans are full of difficult challenges, from mythical monsters to buried treasure, a truly skilled captain will want to explore every possible area of the vast oceans.

Florensia supports guild and team play, as such it includes a number of features to make this easier. Players can join a fleet of ships and explore the ocean as a group, granting extra protection against surprise attacks and offering more help to locate hidden treasure. Players can also join guilds as soon as they enter the game, they're a great place to learn the basics of Florensia and most guilds have regular PvE and PvP events. The main PvP aspect of Florensia is the Harbor Occupation War, a harbor based PvP scenario where the victors earn the right to tax the town and access it's special NPC stores.

You can also fish in Florensia, set sail for unknown waters, drop anchor and cast your line. You can catch a large variety of things, from fish to rare and powerful items or crafting materials. Due to the large array of possible rewards, fishing is one of the most popular past times in Florensia.

By Rachel Rosen


Florensia takes on a new lease of life

Get ready for a blast from the past! Florensia was a popular mmorpg that launched in around 2008 and rose to popularity all around...
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