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  • Fishing Hero: Character

    Fishing Hero: Character
    Choose from six male or six female characters, the indepth customization comes into play later in the game....
    Fishing Hero: Character

    Fishing Hero: Gear

    Fishing Hero: Gear
    As an MMO you will be customizing your character with new fishing rods, bait and clothing....
    Fishing Hero: Gear

    Fishing Hero: Fishing

    Fishing Hero: Fishing
    The fishing itself is surprisingly exciting and interactive....
    Fishing Hero: Fishing

    Fishing Hero: World

    Fishing Hero: World
    Fish around the world with some geographically accurate locations and tons of different fishing lcoations....
    Fishing Hero: World

Fishing Hero Gameplay First Look - HD

Fishing Hero Gameplay First Look - HD

Fishing Hero is the free to play mmo developed by MNC that features the world of angling that's better known as off shore fishing. Players can travel around the world, visiting famous fishing spots, and engage in active, lifelike fishing gameplay. If you've ever wanted to travel the world to famous fishing spots to see if you can land the big one, then this game is for you.

The rod and reel action in Fishing Hero is true to life. Popular fishing spots from around the world have been created using actual surveys and satellite data. Travel to exotic destinations such as Yokohama, the Maldives, and Norway's Sognefjord to chase the rarest fish for your bragging rights. Overall, there are over twenty such real world locations. Actual real life fishing techniques are used in the game, and players can modify their characters with quite a few diverse equipment and upgrades. Players also have a range of boats to choose from to travel across the waves in search of that elusive big catch.

Great care and detail has been put into the object of your quest, the fish. There are over 800 different species of fish in this free mmo for players to catch, ranging from the smallest anchovies to mighty sharks. Not only are the multiple species of fish presented in highly realistic detail, their behavior has been captured in a realistic artificial intelligence system. Players will be able to tell the difference from catching an Alaskan salmon to landing a 500 pound shark. Each area has its own unique species and changes in the weather has an impact upon which fish species will appear and those that will not.

Armchair anglers have a variety of gameplay modes in Fishing Hero. Those looking to play at their own pace can engage in Freeplay, an RPG mode that also has quests. Players can also play with friends or against other players in tournament style games such as Points Game (where the goal is to win by accumulating points) and Big Game Fishing (where the team or person that catches the biggest fish wins). Once the player wants to relax, there is an aquarium system where you can admire your catches and share them with others.

To fully immerse the player into the angling sport, the UI of Fishing Hero is optimized to provide only the most crucial information, thus allowing the player to concentrate on the game. So stock up the cooler, fire up the boat engines, and hit the water to catch yourself some prize catches.

By Jeff Francis

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