Switch and Xbox One Final Fantasy XIV Console Talks Confirmed

By Jeff Francis
Switch and Xbox One Final Fantasy 14 talks confirmed

Final Fantasy XIV has had an amazing journey as the online rpg first launched to abject failure. Since then, the game has been literally reborn and has been a huge success on the PC and on the PlayStation. Now it appears that other platforms may eventually get in on the action. Square Enix has confirmed that there are ongoing discussions to create more Final Fantasy XIV console versions, specifically for the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Naoki Yoshida addressed the ongoing Final Fantasy XIV console talks, saying, "We want as many players joining Final Fantasy XIV as possible." To that end, they are talking to both Nintendo and Microsoft in order to make this happen. There are two sticking points to creating Final Fantasy 14 Xbox One and Switch versions. The first is that Square Enix does not want any delays in releasing patch updates across all the platforms. Yoshida states, "We need to make sure Nintendo and Microsoft understand what we do and have them know about our online and QA regulations. We believe these conversations will take a long time."

The second problem facing the launch of a Final Fantasy 14 Switch and/or Xbox One version is that supporting and growing the mmo community is a responsibility that needs to be shared between all the associated companies. Yoshida admits that this is an ongoing discussion that won't end any time soon, so don't hold your breath.

Are you hoping to see a Final Fantasy 14 console version for the Xbox One and/or Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.


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