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By Tam Mageean
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The World Transfer Service will be offered to Final Fantasy 14 players for free for the first 5 days. The service allows players to transfer their characters from one world to another, usually for a small fee.

Due to the MMO's saturation issues at launch, such as limited character creation and server lockouts, the 5 days of free service are being provided to hopefully appease any launch issues; providing you with the ability to reunite with friends that you couldn't meet up with at launch.

On the Square-Enix forums, Yoshida once again acknowledged the launch inconveniences, and promised that the system was stabilizing;

"Twice now we've enhanced existing servers and introduced new servers, and with the upcoming additions that will be made starting in the middle of this month and finishing up at the end, we will have developed our expanded infrastructure to properly meet our operation needs."

Yoshida stressed that if you plan to continue your RPG adventure from another world, you should choose carefully, and liaise with your friends about where to move before committing to a world.

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Here are a few things worth considering:

1. Gil Cap - Each world has its own economy, and to protect it; there will be a limit on how much Gil you can transfer with your character from one world to another. Any excess Gil will be left behind.

2. Overpopulation - It may seem tempting to move to where all the action is, but bare in mind that everyone else will have the same idea, and the fullest worlds may become fuller, and subject to lockouts and prolonged peak times.

3. Name changes - If you try to move to a whorl where somebody already has your username, they will take priority, and you will have to change your characters name to continue.

4. Lost items - If any of your items are on the market boards at time of transfer, they will be left behind.

5. Multiple world transfers - If you move your characters to a single destination, you can move up to 8 at once. However, if you move your characters to separate worlds, they will count as separate transactions.

World transfers is a great addition to the MMORPG, and will be a great way to reunite with your friends, or find new clans that match your play-styles. The World Transfer Service will be announced officially for Final Fantasy XIV:A Realm Reborn in the next few days.

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