Final Fantasy 14 vid shows off stunning world a third time

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 video tour of eorzea part 3

Square Enix continues the charm offensive by releasing the A Tour of Eorzea, Part 3 video.

This seven-minute video for Final Fantasy 14 serenades fans with breathtaking vistas and ultra-detailed environments, from La Noscea to the Floating City of Nym. The fact that this is the third such video proves just how expansive the world of Eorzea is -- there's just so much to see and marvel at in the online rpg.

The video, which is made up of footage from both PC and PS3 versions of the upcoming mmorpg re-launch, also makes the case that both platforms will offer gorgeous graphics and a memorable exploration experience.

Those eager to look at the game on the PlayStation 4 platform will have to wait though because that demo is not yet available.

Square Enix has been ramping up its hype marketing for Final Fantasy 14 as it prepares to re-launch on August 27 on the PC and PS3 platforms as Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. It will then arrive on the PS4 platform sometime in 2014.

Final Fantasy 14 is currently in its beta phase 3, which will last until the end of July. A beta weekend session has been scheduled today, Friday July 5th starting at 10:00am UK time / 11:00am CET.


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