Final Fantasy 14 previews a fake playable Viangaa race

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 viangaa race

Square Enix tries to trick us with a new playable race for the mmorpg, one that is a mash-up of the rabbit-like Viera and lizard-like Bangaa from Final Fantasy 13.

In its latest developer’s blog, Square Enix delivered its April’s Fool’s joke by concocting the Viangaa.

The premise was believable enough: The idea for the Viangaa started when producer-director Naoki Yoshida fielded a poll on which race throughout the franchise should become playable with the Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn revamp.

Two of the top races that gained fan support were the Viera and Bangaa, both from the console game Final Fantasy 13. Rather than disappointing the fans of either race, Square Enix decided to just combine the two races into a hybrid playable race – and thus the Viangaa was born.

Square Enix pushes the joke further with mock images of the Viangaa, and detailed descriptions of its physical form. The Viangaa is said to be taller and more sophisticated than an Elezen, but with a sturdier build than a Roegadyn.

It also has some of the most absurdly powerful characteristics, boasting of 10% lower prices on all stores because of its supposedly excellent negotiating skills and 1.2x faster movement speed than all other races. With balance getting thrown out the window and subsequent rpg absurdities like the Viangaa having customizable “package” sizes, Square Enix finally admitted at the end of the post that the Viangaa was merely a figment of a prankster’s imagination.

Kidding aside though, Final Fantasy 14 fans suggested that with Square Enix already having a starting dossier for the Viangaa, it just might be worth putting to use as an actual an NPC or a mob.


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