Final Fantasy 14 launches World Transfer Service

By Tam Mageean
final fantasy 14 transfer

After one of the shakeyest launch months in MMO history, and a quite follow-up month, the first big change comes to Eorzea as the Final Fantasy 14 World Transfer Service launches. The World Transfer Service in Final Fantasy 14 allows players to transport their character and belongings from world to world (or server to server, in the digital sense).

The service launched last night and will be free for its inaugural 5 days, to appease players who were affected by the MMORPG's launch. Players who were restricted from joining their desired server should now be able to do so with ease, although Square Enix do suggest you are tactful when choosing a World, and should aim for a moderately popular one, rather than a really popular one, as they don't want to have any more full server issues.

The service has some stipulations; for example, you are limited to transferring a maximum of 1 million Gil per character, to protect the games economy, and to prevent certain worlds from becoming significantly richer than others. You will also be prevented from transferring from a Legacy World to a Non-Legacy World, but it's possible to travel in the other direction.

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Each world to world transfer will cost $18 after the free-period, and despite the online confusion, the costing system is pretty straight-forward. Here's the rundown:


A: All of your characters from World A want to go to World B - This will count as one transfer, since the exchange is one way and between only 2 servers

B: Your characters from World A and World B want to meet up in World C - This will count as 2 transfers, since you are transferring from 2 separate servers. You will be charged twice.

C: Your Characters from World A want to spread out across World B and World C - You are still performing 2 transfers, since your characters are moving to 2 different locations. You will be charged twice.

D: You want your World A and World B characters to swap places - Again, you will be charged twice, since there are 2 different destinations and starting points.


So, in short, if there is more than 1 starting point, or more than 1 destination, then you're going to be charged twice.

More information and terms and conditions can be found on the official Final Fantasy 14 website.


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