Final Fantasy 14 relaunches as A Realm Reborn on August 27

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 relaunch august 27 a realm reborn

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, the revamped version of the widely-panned original, will launch on August 27 for the PC and PlayStation 3 console.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is currently in its second beta phase, with a third rumored to be rolled out sometime in June and to include PS3 players for the first time ever.

With the relaunch date set for the Square Enix MMO, the developer finally revealed the pre-order and Collector’s Edition perks.

Those who pre-order the standard or Collector’s Edition boxes of the online rpg will gain Early Access privileges that will allow them to get a sweet head start on leveling (and avoid the laggy hell that typifies starter areas during launch.) Pre-order fans also receive a Mog Cap and a Cait Sith Doll Minion, a non-combat pet inspired by one of the main characters from Final Fantasy 7, one of the series’ most beloved installments.

Collector’s Edition owners get their dollars’ worth in gorgeous goodies with a box designed by the legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, an 80-page “Art of Eorzea” hardcover book, the “Waning of the Sixth Sun” cinematics disc, “Sounds of Eorzea” musical scores CD, and five collectible character art cards. Add to that a security token and four fantastic in-game items (Helm of Light, Baby Behemoth Minion, Coeurl Mount and Behemoth Barding) and it becomes clear that fans that can spare the cash can easily drop the extra dollars for a Collector’s Edition.

The Final Fantasy 14 Collector’s Edition is priced at $80 (PS3), $70 (Windows Package) or $50 (Windows Digital Download). Standard Edition costs $40 (PS3) or $30 (Windows Package or Digital Download). Pre-orders are ongoing.


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