Final Fantasy XIV Raises PvP Level Cap

By Jeff Francis
Final Fantasy XIV patch 2.25

The recent content update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Through the Maelstrom, added quite a bit of new content to the mmorpg. Now the game has released patch 2.25 to add some more features to the game. Chief amongst these is the fact that the Final Fantasy XIV PvP level cap is raised from level 30 to 40. This is a welcome bit of news as players now have a higher goal to reach for. In addition, a whole host of new PvP gear has been added to the game and can be purchased from the Storm Private and Storm Sergeant npcs at Wolves' Den Pier.

Final Fantasy XIV pvp gear

Patch 2.25 also adds a new quest, Marvelously Mutable Materia, found in Central Thanalan. This quest, when completed, unlocks the Materia Transmutation system for players. New ranks and rewards have been introduced to the Wolves' Den. Another large part of this mini-update for the mmo is the second stage of the Coil of the Bahamut boss fight, which is widely known as one of the most difficult battles in the game.

This latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV also updates gear that can be dyed, shows the average waiting time for melee dps and ranged dps separately in the Duty Finder, changes the class requirements on a few pieces of gear, and resolves a number of other issues.


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