Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn arrives on PS4

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 ps4 launch

The wait is finally over! Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn has touched down and is now playable on the PlayStation 4 system. Let's kick off the celebrations by watching this Final Fantasy 14 PS4 launch trailer, cobbled together from in-game battle sequences:

It may have taken a long time -- what with Final Fantasy 14 having gone through a rework and subsequent launch on the PC and PlayStation 3 platforms -- but the Final Fantasy 14 PS4 version comes out fully optimised for the next-gen system.

For one, the MMORPG looks gorgeous on the PS4, taking advantage of the system's graphics capabilities. It also accesses the PS4 Share feature, so players can stream their adventures in Eorzea and share screenshots with their mmo friends. The newly launched game also supports the PS4 mouse and keyboard.

To play, you need to purchase either the Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn Standard Edition ($39.99) or more expensive Final Fantasy 14: Collector's Edition ($59.99 for digital and $79.99 for retail).

If you're the Spartan gamer type who just needs the base game, then Standard edition is a great choice. But if you want exclusive in-game items such as a Fat Chocobo and Couerl mounts and Helm of Light gear, plus lovely art books, a soundtrack and security token, then consider snapping up the Collector's editions.

Square Enix even threw in a convenient crossover perk for PS3 owners upgrading to the PS4 system.

Players who own the PS3 version of the fantasy online rpg can upgrade their accounts to the PS4 system for free, at the cost of losing access to the PS3 version. So if you want to play both versions, then you will need to purchase PS4 version on top of the PS4 version.


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