Square Enix previews Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.2 this Saturday

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 patch 2 2 preview

The Final Fantasy 14 team will be hosting a livestream preview of Patch 2.2. content this Saturday.

Led by Naoki Yoshida and other mmorpg developers, the livestream team will give a sneak peek of the major additions in the patch on a live broadcast from Osaka, Japan at 4:00 AM (PST) on January 25.

Yoshida and crew will touch on the story background and fight mechanics for Leviathan, the legendary water primal that players will face off against. Players will also uncover the mysteries of a lost civilization by exploring the Ruins of Amdapor dungeon. The saga of Bahamut continues as well in the patch, with developers unveiling "new twists and turns" in the Elder Primal's engrossing tale.

After the livestream, Yoshida as well as Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai will be fielding questions sent by online rpg fans on the new patch's design and the game's development direction.

PlayStation 4 fans can also look forward to some updates on how the upcoming system version is shaping up.

Fans can catch the livestream through several ways: The YouTube livestream, Niconico livestream and the official Twitch livestream.
(Official URLs will be posted in the coming days. Audio will be in Japanese only but subtitles will likely be available after.)


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