Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.1 opens Crystal Tower on December 17

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 patch 2 1 december 17

The long-lost Crystal Tower has resurfaced and ready to explore for adventurers in the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.1, which is set to arrive on December 17.

See what new trials and tribulations await Eozea's heroes in this Patch 2.1 trailer:

The Crystal Tower is a new dungeon that can accommodate up to parties of 24 players in a massive encounter against the malevolent forces gathering inside the tower.

But before players can enter the tower proper, they must first battle their way through the confusing maze that is the Labyrinth of the Ancients.

For PvP fans of the free online rpg, the upcoming patch delivers The Wolves' Den, described by developers as an odd crucible-shaped island off the shores of Limsa Lominsa. The Wolves' Den is functions as a brand-new open arena that is open for all the Grand Companies of Eorzea.

Additional major features coming online with the patch include player housing with interiors customization, Thornmarch content, Beast Tribe quests, Treasure Hunt, more quests and new dungeon hard modes.

Those tired of the MMORPG dungeon routine can spice it up with the new Duty Roulette feature, which enables players to enter instanced dungeons, trials and guildhests at random. Four roulette categories are available, and players can complete each one daily to earn spiffy bonus rewards.


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