Final Fantasy 14 complications continue - refunds available

By Tam Mageean
final fantasy 14 offers refunds

As players in Europe and North America continue to be shunned from the online servers, Sony have been forced to step in and discuss offering refunds to Final Fantasy 14's Playstation users.  Online sales for the unlucky MMO have been halted until a resolution can be found.  The game has been selling out in stores all week long, and with all the servers filling up, it's becoming pretty clear that nobody was expecting it to be as popular as it has been. Maybe Square Enix thought the ghost of the original FFXIV would have scared gamers off?

FFXIV, the story so far

Naoki Yoshida of Square Enix has posted an apology on the Final Fantasy XIV forums explaining that they are "currently employing (measures) to alleviate the situation".

They continued, conceding that they had been forced to lock people out of servers in order to keep the system stable, for the fortunate few that had managed to get online. This has allowed them to continue live research on the game and gained them swifter access to finding a solution to the problem.

As mentioned in our article the other day; for players willing to continue their RPG adventure with FFXIV, an additional 7 day free trial has been offered for their perseverence.

FFXIV Screenshot

For anyone interested in the refund, Sony have only offered it to early adopters so far, but are continuing to look at solutions for everyone:

"All customers that purchased the digital version of the FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Standard Edition, or Collector's Edition, from PlayStation Network on 27th or 28th August will receive a full refund and will be able to find the funds in their wallet as soon as this is processed. In addition, the entitlements of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Standard Edition or Collector's Edition will be reset and the title will appear again in the download list."


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