Final Fantasy 14 lets out Leviathan in Through the Maelstrom patch

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 leviathan

Final Fantasy 14 patch 2.2, aka Through the Maelstrom, arrives this March and it will pit you against the most primal serpent of the deep: Leviathan.

Preview screenshots suggest that heroes will battle the Leviathan while riding a ship. Leviathan also seems to summon giant bubble orbs which will likely cause high area damage when popped. Or probably surround key allies and disable them during the fight, basing on our rpg games experience.

In any case, we won't have to guess long because the Final Fantasy 14 Through the Maelstrom patch is coming out sometime this month.

For the truly curious, Final Fantasy 14 director-producer Naoki Yoshida will be hosting a live Letter from the Producer discussing what's to come in patch 2.2. Chances are he will give a teaser of the Leviathan powers, or at the very least give a feel of how the fight against the sea lord will go.

The live developer session should also run through the other features slated for the upcoming mmo update, including the story continuation of Hildibrand, the arrival of Gilgamesh, and new beast tribe quests.

Plus expect a presentation on the Glamours system that will allow you to change the appearance of your gear to suit your cosmetic tastes.


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