Watch the preview of Final Fantasy 14's new FATE system

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 fate system preview video

What are Full Active Time Events? You'll get your answer in this 12-minute-long commentated preview for Final Fantasy 14's take on the dynamic event system.

The video's commentary is provided by producer-director Naoki Yoshida and the community team's Toshio Murouchi, taking players through the new Full Active Time Event aka the Final Fantasy 14 FATE system.

Under the FATE system, players will experience a more spontaneous mmorpg with encounters popping up in real time, and when you least expect it, all around in Eorzea.

FATEs are activated through many ways. Some when you take on a quest, others irrespective of any player action. From how Yoshida describes it, FATEs are very randomly and are meant to offer a nice diversion or side trip from normal leveling progression.

Yoshida said players are not beholden to participate in FATEs, and can choose to ignore it if they, say, want to stick to the more tried-and-true questing paths.

But players who do take time to join FATEs (no hassles required, just step into the area to join) will be rewarded for their efforts. They not only get to socialize with more players, often teaming up with others to complete harder FATEs, they also earn special rewards
FATEs will be marked with blue circles in the Final Fantasy 14 world map, and will show a recommended level that should warn players that a certain FATE is too difficult for them to complete at the moment.

From this lengthy preview, it's hard not to compare FATE to the dynamic event systems found in other rpg games online like Rift, Warhammer Online and Guild Wars 2.

The FATE system uses many of the same popular elements like individual rewards systems for contribution to the FATE, but seems to offer balancing improvements like adjusting the difficulty level based on how many are present in a certain FATE.


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