Final Fantasy 14 fan festivals heading to Las Vegas, London and Tokyo

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 14 fan festivals announced

If you're anywhere near Las Vegas, London and Tokyo, and you're also a Final Fantasy 14 fan, then you're in Moogle luck!

You can swing by the Final Fantasy 14 fan festivals scheduled for those cities, beginning with the North American event in Las Vegas this October then followed by the London and Tokyo shindigs.

Final Fantasy screenshot of new Patch 2.25

Only a few mmorpg games get exclusive fan festivals where the industry standard is to hold a fan festival for a publisher's whole suite of games such as SOE Live and BlizzCon. While a single game fan festival might not draw in as much people, it does ensure that as a Final Fantasy 14 fan, you'll be interested in all the happenings during the event.

And it's not like these Final Fantasy 14 fan festivals won't have much people. With 2 million registered user accounts for the fantasy online rpg, it's safe to say that there'll be thousands of attendees in all three cities.

What can we expect in a Final Fantasy 14 fan festival? There should be cosplay, new expansion or major update teasers made through Square Enix's trademark gorgeous cinematics, freebies and contests galore, developer meet-and-greets, discussions and lots of community bonding. Make sure to mark the calendars and maybe even try to meet your friends in-game.

We'll keep you posted once the full festival details are unveiled in June.


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