Beta process for revamped Final Fantasy XIV nets 1 million registrants

By Jeffrey Davis
beta process for revamped final fantasy xiv nets 1 million registrants

It's no secret that Final Fantasy XIV didn't get off to a smooth launch, nor did it have enough punch to bring in the players that could support the game. But whereas most developers would take their games and shove it, the guys at Square Enix are pushing hard to recover from their mistakes with the initial release. And to date it seems to be working, as over a million players have registered to have a chance to participate in the beta process for the relaunch update for the MMORPG.

This seems to bode well for the Realm Reborn update to the long-dormant game compared to what it originally was, as there may well be a chance that such numbers may ultimately serve as an indication of how much trust has been potentially recovered from the Final Fantasy community. As it is, game director Naoki Yoshida has already made it clear a year's time ago (or in comments to Eurogamer, at least) that ever since the Final Fantasy series got its start 25 years prior, "there hasn't been a Final Fantasy that has failed" afore the publisher's watchful eyes. Yoshida also went so far as to say that "We can't - we just can't - let this game end in failure." Which, for all intents, purposes and hopeful expectations, really should put these numbers into perspective, considering that anything else "would be like at the level of destroying the company" according to prior statements.

Square Enix has already reworked and rescheduled its other projects to accomodate the redevelopment process, and has made it clear that its final delivery will be determined by whenever the update is adequately battle-tested for exact measurement of the quality standards associated with the Final Fantasy series. We'll obviously be keeping an eye on the progression of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn update, so keep watching it here at MMO Play for continuing coverage up to the final update release on August 27.


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