Final Fantasy 14 News

Top five reasons for console mmo ports
There have long been two different camps when it came to online gaming: PCs and consoles. Each side had their own strengths and weaknesses, and each platform was home to specific genres. Shooters were highly prevalent on consoles as well as single-player rpgs while the virtual worlds of mmo games were normally found on the PC. That distinction has definitely blurred over the last few years as quite a few mmos have found their way onto consoles an...
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May 04 2017
Top five non-free mmos we wish were f2p
In today's environment of online games, it seems that everything is free-to-play. This is especially true for mobile games as their hook is to entice gamers with free basic gameplay and then charging for extras. However, there are still quite a few non-free mmo games in existence that show that being buy-to-play or subscription-based is still very feasible if the game is of good quality. Gamers looking for a solid game that doesn't nickel-and-dim...
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Mar 29 2017
How should mmo free trials work?
A popular strategy used by salesmen and retailers is to offer the customer the chance to try something for free before deciding on whether to purchase it or not. What's the harm in trying out a new mattress or sofa set for a month when it costs you nothing? Then a few months later, you'll likely find yourself making payments even if you were not planning on buying in the first place. Allowing customers a free taste of something has found its way ...
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Mar 14 2017
Top five console mmo ports
There was once a time where there was a definite line between PCs and consoles, especially in regards to mmorpg games. The PC was the exclusive domain for mmos while consoles were the realm of shooters and single-player rpgs. Another snag was that consoles were leery of offering free-to-play games on their platforms when players had already shown their willingness to shell out $50-60 a pop for a game. However, that line has been blurred and prett...
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Feb 02 2017
final fantasy 14 3rd anniversary
It's a victorious occasion for Square Enix as its flagship mmorpg celebrates its third anniversary with more than six million cumulative players globally, excluding the free trial crowd.In celebration, the development team hosted a 14-hour Final Fantasy 14 3rd anniversary live broadcast, which included the 31st installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE series. Producer-director Naoki Yoshida treated online rpg fans to previews of the ...
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Aug 29 2016
Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire returns
It's time for mmo gamers to strike a heroic pose so that other players can gape in wonder and awe. Posing time has returned in full force as Square Enix announces the start of the Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire. This seasonal event begins today and can be found at Costa del Sol within the game. Players can seek out Mayaru Moyaru for information on how to contribute to this event.There are a number of rewards players can earn during the Final...
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Aug 05 2016
final fantasy 14 6 million players
When Final Fantasy 14 was reborn roughly less than three years ago, there was skepticism that it will be anything more than a substandard mmorpg for diehard fans still clinging to the franchise's nostalgic glory. But now Square Enix proudly announces that the revamped fantasy online rpg has done quite well, attracting over 6 million cumulative players globally in under three years.After launching Final Fantasy 14 back in 2010 and closing it ...
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Jul 19 2016
final fantasy 14 palace of the dead
Final Fantasy 14 adventurers will have to face dread and the dead in the latest patch for the fantasy online rpg. The Final Fantasy 14 Palace of the Dead update takes players to the subterranean city of Gelmorra, a long-forgotten region with a labyrinthine dungeon. Those who have dared to step foot and were lucky enough to escape alive describe it as a punishing place with shifting pathways and a persistent fog that drains your life force. The ...
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Jul 15 2016
How should mmo marriages work?
The virtual world of online games offers a tremendous range of experiences for players to enjoy. There is the thrill of epic combat as players war with one another or venture into dangerous dungeons. Many players enjoy the satisfaction of crafting wondrous items to use or to sell. Then there is the joy of exploration and discovery as players search out and thoroughly explore the nooks and crannies of an mmo's world. Of course, there is also the c...
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Jul 07 2016
final fantasy 14 items amazon purchase
An online alliance has been formed, and it will grant Final Fantasy 14 fans a chance to cop exclusive mmorpg items by patronizing the store. Square Enix is partnering with online retail giant to give North American gamers the chance to unlock sought-after in-game items such as an original Fat Chocobo mount, Maid and Butler attire, a Titan-themed Crag mask, an Ifrit-themed Inferno mask, and a set of consumable 99 Magicked Pr...
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Jun 08 2016