Final Fantasy 11 unloads latest version update

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 11 update

The latest Final Fantasy 11 version update for November 5 brings new Seekers of Adoulin missions and quests.

Your MMORPG hero can take on fresh adventures and explore the reforging process improvements. Developers have thrown a new quest that allows players to reforge their special armor and weapons, as well as more battlefields to earn reforging-related items.

The version update also introduces two new zones in the long-running fantasy online rpg, the Woh Gates and Kamihr Drifts, each with coalition assignments for you to complete.

You should also start making room in your inventory for new items, including additional weapons and armor via the Peacekeeper's Coalition Equipment Exchange. Developers have even lowered the prices of existing equipment, allowing you to finish your collection faster.

Last but not the least, the version update initiates Gladiator conflicts where players can fight with monipulators and earn rewards for exterminating the beastly scourge. But to join the hunt you must obtain the key item Writ of Gladiatorial Summons before heading in three designated areas -- Buburimu Peninsula (~lv. 30), Xarcabard (~lv. 60) and Uleguerand Range (~lv.90).

Adventurers that exterminate regular monsters and monipulators earn more prestige and can eventually rise through their starting Gladiator rank to CG or HCG ranks. These higher ranks enable your character to open chests from NM and HNM monipulators, respectively, netting you exceptionally powerful items.


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