Final Fantasy 11 introduces the malevolent Morbolger in new patch

By Michael Jamias
final fantasy 11 morbolger new patch

The Morbolger has emerged to challenge fans in the newly released January 2014 patch for Final Fantasy 11.

After taming the Morbolger, you can try hunting down the King Arthro, Serkel and Roc via the Records of Eminence system.

Square Enix made it a point this patch to make Records of Eminence a more enticing and accessible challenge-and-reward system.

For instance, Records of Eminence rewards have been made more flexible by allowing fans to choose freely from a pool of powerful item rewards upon completing objectives.

Time-limited challenges have also been made available three times during the day, so you can choose to vanquish planetoids, exterminate vermin and gain experience all in a single day of play.

This latest patch for the fantasy mmorpg also injects new high-tier mission battlefields. Fight the villainous Kam'lanaut in the Return to Delkfutt's Tower battlefield, or square off against the Eald'narche in the Celestial Nexus battlefield.

Each of these mission battlefields offer five levels of difficulty, increasing in strength and corresponding reward drops, so make sure to assemble the best party possible.

Take note though that you'll need to earn your stripes in the online rpg -- level 95 to be exact -- to be able to join these new battlefields.


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