Final Fantasy 11 News

final fantasy 11 director mizuki ito leaving
A Final Fantasy 11 era has ended.Final Fantasy 11 director Mizuki Ito -- who has served as director for the last five years and has been working tirelessly on the MMORPG for the last fifteen -- will be vacating his position and will be replaced by Yoji Fujito on November 1, 2016. While the departure is still a good seven months away, Fujito has already given out his farewell message to the online rpg community."At the start I could scarcely ...
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Apr 04 2016
final fantasy 11 last major update
Earlier this year Square Enix announced that it will be rolling out Final Fantasy 11's last major update this November, and now it's finally here to reveal the epic conclusion set in the near area of Reisenjima. The future of Vana'diel hangs in the balance, and it's quite a bittersweet moment for fans of the long-running online rpg. After 14 years of game service, plot twists, and patch drops, Final Fantasy 11 will enter a maintenance-only mode....
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Nov 10 2015
final fantasy 11 escha zitah preview
Square Enix plans to usher Final Fantasy 11 players that have finished the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel scneario to an eerie new area called Escha - Zi'Tah. The Final Fantasy 11 Escha - Zi'Tah zone is not only creepy with its constant mist and colorless environs, but it is crawling with beastly inhabitants, based on teaser photos and information dropped on the mmorpg's forums.Players that push on to the frontiers of Escha - Zi'Tah will be able to...
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May 12 2015
final fantasy 11 goddess gala
The glitziest summer event in Final Fantasy 11 has officially begun with The Goddess's Gala. Hosted by Square Enix in celebration of the 13th anniversary for the long-running mmorpg, the Final Fantasy 11 The Goddess's Gala extravaganza will include in-game events, free items and store discounts.Players can participate in in-game bonus events held across the online rpg realm which will reward rare and mysterious items. For levelers, certain e...
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May 02 2015
final fantasy 11 mobile
This should perk you up, Eorzeans -- A Final Fantasy 11 mobile version has been confirmed to be in development. Square Enix and Nexon Korea, a subsidiary of Nexon Co., will be teaming up to bring the mmo on your smartphone and will be called simply Final Fantasy 11 Mobile.It will be available in Japan, Korea, North America and other Europe and Asia areas by 2016. The partnership between two world-class makers of rpg games online suggests thi...
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Mar 20 2015
final fantasy 11 december update 2014
Yearend content releases for mmo games usually end up being unimpressive -- or entirely forgotten -- but today Final Fantasy 11 has a December version update that is jam-packed and engaging.Players will be able to take on new quests that further explore the Adoulin lore, paying specific attention to the Blackthorn Coven witches and exorcists. Developers admit this area was merely mentioned in the main mission scenario, so it is dedicating a w...
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Dec 09 2014
final fantasy 11 return
Back in the day, Final Fantasy 11 ruled the roost among the mainstream mmorpg market. It broke a lot of ne grounds for mmorpg games, including earning the title of first cross-platform mmorpg, combining its PC and PS2 fanbases and it later went on to be the first mmo on the Xbox 360 too. This, of course, was way back in the early days of console-based mmo gaming. Although Phantasy Star Online was making waves for SEGA, the idea of console mmorpg...
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Nov 10 2014
final fantasy 11 12th anniversary update
Final Fantasy 11 has turned 12 and Square Enix decided to mark its last birthday before teenagedom with a hefty content rollout. Players of the long-running online rpg can take on new Seekers of Adoulin missions to delve deeper into its engrossing storyline. There will also be new areas to explore and new monsters to defeat, so you probably wouldn't want to miss the Final Fantasy 11 12th anniversary update.If that's not a big enough cha...
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May 16 2014
final fantasy 11 morbolger new patch
The Morbolger has emerged to challenge fans in the newly released January 2014 patch for Final Fantasy 11. After taming the Morbolger, you can try hunting down the King Arthro, Serkel and Roc via the Records of Eminence system. Square Enix made it a point this patch to make Records of Eminence a more enticing and accessible challenge-and-reward system. For instance, Records of Eminence rewards have been made more flexible by allowing fans to c...
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Jan 21 2014
final fantasy 11 anniversary welcome back offers
Square Enix has lined up two enticing Welcome Back campaigns as part of Final Fantasy 11 11th anniversary celebrations. Designed to lure you back to the online rpg, the first of two Welcome Back offers will activate the accounts of all inactive players who have previously subscribed to Final Fantasy 11. The free access is good only until the campaign period ends around two weeks from now on Monday, December 23rd at 6:59 AM PST. After the promoti...
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Dec 11 2013