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    Final Fantasy 11: inspect
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    Final Fantasy 11: shop
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    Final Fantasy 11: scrolls
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    Final Fantasy 11: abilities
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Final Fantasy 11 Gameplay

Final Fantasy 11 Gameplay

Final Fantasy 11 is an mmorpg, developed and published by Square Enix. The Final Fantasy serie is among the veterans in the mmorpg market. The first game was released in 2002. Final Fantasy 11 takes place in a world called Vana'diel. There are several main cities, questing hubs and dungeons. Some areas are accessible only by air. Being the 11th game in the series, Final Fantasy has developed a complex lore. Players get familiar with the lore as they complete missions. The official website is also a good place to learn more about Final Fantasy 11 story.

A Final Fantasy 11 player can achieve a maximum level of 99. Classes in Final Fantasy 11 rpg are called jobs. There are 5 races and 6 basic starting classes in Final Fantasy 11. The races are: Humans, Elvaan, Tarutaru, Galka and Mithra. The Warriors are the classic melee fighters with heavy armor. The Thief is a shadow fighter that can inflict lots of damage. Monks are another melee class. Then we have 3 types of Mages. The White Mages have healing abilities. The Black Mage is all about damage and offense. The Red Mage is a mix of melee and ranged class. After reaching level 30 with a character in Final Fantasy 11 rpg, a player can unlock 14 subclasses. To unlock them you have to complete certain quests. Some subclasses require additional expansion packs. Missions in Final Fantasy 11 are story driven objectives. By completing them, players learn about the game world. Besides missions, players can also take quests. These are classic tasks like killing mobs or retrieving items. You can join groups to complete quests faster or take down powerful mobs. A Final Fantasy 11 team is made up of 6 players. Teams can join and form alliances of maximum 18 players. Alliances are necessary for challenging battles. Mobs attack characters based on the enmity system. When a player engages in an offensive action it generates enmity. Mobs will attack those characters with the highest enmity. Tanking characters have abilities that generate a big amount of enmity. This is not applicable to PvP combat. Players can attack each other only if both of them agree. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 11 has only 2 PvP modes. 

Final Fantasy 11 mmo has a crafting system and hobbies. Players can fish, tend to their gardens and raise Chocobos for racing. Players can craft weapons and gear and cook food. The mats are obtained via mining, harvesting, drops from mobs and so on. These items can be traded via the auction house. They are a good gil (in game money) source. Square Enix takes real money transactions very seriously. These types of exchanges are prohibited in Final Fantasy 1, players who buy or sell for real money might risk losing their accounts. 

By Rachel Rosen


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