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  • FIFA Online 2: game

    FIFA Online 2: game
    FIFA Online 2 plays like other EA Sports games. You control 1 character at a time. This is the ball carrier or the nearest defense...
    FIFA Online 2: game

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    FIFA Online 2: half
    The is full of interesting commentary and banter. At halftime, get ready to see the stats and hear the commentators' opinions....
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    FIFA Online 2: replay
    After an exciting play, you can watch replays. Our first goal of the game is shown from multiple angles....
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    FIFA Online 2: win
    It may not have been a high scoring affair, but a win is a win!...
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Fifa Online 2 Gameplay

Fifa Online 2 Gameplay

FIFA Online 2 is a football mmorpg for Microsoft Windows, developed and published by Electronic Arts. FIFA Online 2 has single player and multiplayer modes. FIFA Online 2 uses the new and improved FIFA 07 game engine. FIFA Online 2 puts the players in the shoes of a football team manager. Players will build their teams with real football players. FIFA Online 2 is not all about winning matches. Managers must be wise and select best players for their team and equip them accordingly. Game strategy is also important. From this point of view, football fans have an advantage over the not so football savvy gamers.

The important aspect of FIFA Online 2 is creating a football team. To be able to use better teams, players will need team points. Once you have a team, you can start playing league mode and multiplayer mode. Teams earn experience when winning a match. Team's level reflects on players. Players will become more skilled as their team levels up. FIFA Online 2 rpg managers can customize their players by selecting which abilities to improve. All skills and abilities are football related. Players can take the role of goalkeepers, dribblers and so on. Outfits can be customized too. Multiplayer mode offers two options. Managers can participate with their own team or use a standard Star Points team. Each FIFA Online 2 manager is given 20 Star Points every day. You can enter a room, create a new one or go for a quick match. Players are the backbone of each FIFA Online 2 team. Players have certain stats like: offense, defense, pass, dribble and goalkeeping. Other stats like condition and energy level are in direct connection with the won/lost match ratio. To keep things real, FIFA Online 2 players have a contract with an expiration date.

Managers can customize the appearance of their FIFA Online 2 players using uniform cards. These cards are acquired when winning a match or bought from the cash shop. Uniform cards can be upgraded. Players can be traded at the FIFA Online 2 auction market. World Tour is a ranking system where players can check out their performance. FIFA Online 2 main PVP mmo mode is the World Cup. Opposing team managers are selected based on their performance to ensure fair chances for everyone. Those with good managerial skills can start their own Fellowship (football club). FIFA Online 2 fellowship system is similar to guilds in rpg games. Players can visit the item shop to buy all sorts of enhancements for their FIFA Online 2 teams, players or uniform cards.

By Rachel Rosen

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