Fiesta Online publisher Outspark closes down, game moves to Gamigo

By Michael Jamias
fiesta publisher outspark closes gamigo

Fiesta Online has found a new home at Gamigo but the same cannot be said for all the other mmorpg games in the shuttered Outspark’s roster.

“As of February 6 Fiesta US will be part of the gamigo family. Effective as of February 6, 2013, gamigo will take over the license as well as the operation of your favorite game,” said the gamigo team on the official Fiesta website (

“All players who have an account for another Outspark game we regret to inform that these games
will no longer be operated by gamigo. However, However, we have created a gamigo account for you and transferred your Sparkcash so that you can use this in all other games that we offer in North America,” gamigo added.

Fiesta Online players can log in to the same account, but Gamigo will have to transfer the system first and bring the servers back online. This will take time, according to the publisher, with further news to be announced via its media channels.

The new owner of Fiesta Online then pointed former Outspark fans to the forums ( which includes a FAQ on registering for a gamigo game and redeeming Sparkcash – all housekeeping chores involved in moving players from one publisher to another.

The closure of Outspark caught the videogame industry by surprise, as there was no wrap-up period. Fans only noticed that they could no longer access the Outspark website as well as the individual game sites.

Outspark had published a considerable number of rpg games online, including Luvinia Online, Dark Blood and Call of Gods. With Fiesta picked up by another publisher, its sibling games could also be adopted down the road, fingers crossed.


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