Tower defense fever takes over Fiesta Online

By Michael Jamias
fiesta online hidden mine kingdom quest

Fiesta Online is a free anime-inspired online rpg whose gameplay hews closely to traditional MMORPG models like World of Warcraft. But developers of the game thought it would be nice change of pace to inject a tower defense-like mission that's exciting and literally explosive.

The tower defense feature, called the Fiesta Hidden Mine Kingdom Quest, will have players scrambling to blow up the baddies attempting to steal precious gold in a sacred hidden mine.  Everyone in Fiesta Online is invited to join in on the mayhem, with high-level and newbie characters all chipping in on the defense.

Outspark said elite teams can lay bombs, erect fences, use warp games and pretty much “do whatever it takes to disrupt, destroy and defeat Magrite’s minions trying to make off with the gold of Isya’s Hidden Mines” while rookies “will be deep in the trenches with Prestige classes, battling wave after wave of monsters.”

A successful defense reaps handsome xp rewards for the group, but failure will allow the enemies to claim the map. Such a reward and punishment scheme should foster server-wide teamwork in the free online rpg.

"The Defense Kingdom Quest will challenge Fiesta fans in ways they have not been tested before. Strategy, agility, and teamwork will be key to securing epic rewards that await the victors." said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark.


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