Fiesta Online fires up biggest-to-date expansion, Ascension of Adelia

By Michael Jamias
fiesta online ascension of adelia expansion

New maps, items, quests, monsters, bosses, class skills and a reworked quest interface come packed in this new Fiesta Online content expansion.

Ascension of Adelia introduces six new maps, including Adelia, the village in the clouds. Each class also gets some specialized pampering, with each one receiving three completely new armor sets and three new skills that should spice up their combat combos.

For PvE fans, this Fiesta Online expansion delivers a deluge of challenges up to the increased 115 level cap. More than 100 quests have been added, featuring 80 new monsters, two new instance bosses and what free to play mmo developer gamigo boasts as “a new, hard to beat world boss” for the ultimate test of strength.

The free online rpg also gets a visual upgrade with a completely reworked quest interface. “The interface has also received a vast improvement whereby quests are now shown in colors. Addition information as well as notifications substantially increases the convenience of questing,” said gamigo.

Fame points will also be easier to collect than ever as daily quests will be available regardless of player level, allowing everyone to gain some progress whether they are starting a new character or farming up at max level.


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