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fiesta online gamigo acquisition
gamigo, which has been publishing Fiesta Online since 2008, has acquired the global rights to the fantasy anime mmorpg from South Korean developer Ons On Soft. All language versions, including those for Indonesia and the Middle East, as well as the exclusive global rights of use belong to gamigo after the acquisition, the studio announced.The Fiesta Online acquisition was a strategic move for gamigo as it plans to further develop the game th...
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Mar 02 2016
fiesta online waypoint patches
Holiday gift-giving seems to have come early in Fiesta Online with developers handing out two updates filled with fan favorite content and improvements. The Fiesta Online Waypoint Patches, the first of which dropped a couple of weeks ago, focus on increasing the EXP rewards in the online rpg and making it easier for players to complete quests.Archers as well get a lot of love in this patch with major buffs in their potential damage output an...
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Dec 04 2015
fiesta online 7th anniversary cake event
Fiesta Online marks its 7th birthday by whipping up a tasty cake quests and events for players to nom on. The Fiesta Online 7th anniversary kicks off the festivities with the appearance of a new land made entirely of cake, a fluffy miracle created by the Silver Fox Clan.Players will be able to enter this cake land and take on the Cake War Kingdom Quest where the goal is to win a food fight involving weaponized cupcakes and soda cannons. Vict...
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Aug 03 2015
fiesta online 7th anniversary
Fiesta Online is revving up for their 7th anniversary bash next month, announcing a large-scale parade event that will roam through some of the most iconic locations in the mmorpg. The Fiesta Online 7th anniversary parade will serve as the kickoff event for what the month-long celebrations in the long-running free rpg.The procession will pass through the most popular cities and regions in Fiesta Online, including Roumen, the Forest of Tides,...
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Jun 22 2015
fiesta online pagels invasion
The god of avarice, Pagel, has arrived in Fiesta Online. He plans to cast his manipulative web of lies and deceit to enslave the whole MMO world of Isya. It's your heroic duty to stop Pagel's Invasion from succeeding in the newest and biggest update in Fiesta Online. How big? The Fiesta Online Pagel's Invasion expansion pack adds more than 1,300 new items, 300 quests, seven brand-new maps and 70 monsters. On top of that, Pagel's Invasion a...
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Oct 24 2014
Fiesta Online announces Pagel's Invasion update
It's a rare thing to rest and relax when you're a mighty hero in an mmo. It always seems that some new danger is lurking, just waiting to pounce upon the unwary. Players of Fiesta Online will have their hands full when Pagel, the god of greed, seeks to conquer the entire Isyan continent. The Fiesta Online Pagel's Invasion update finds players working to stop Pagel from spreading his dark power by corrupting the minds of various denizens throughou...
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Oct 09 2014
fiesta publisher outspark closes gamigo
Fiesta Online has found a new home at Gamigo but the same cannot be said for all the other mmorpg games in the shuttered Outspark’s roster. “As of February 6 Fiesta US will be part of the gamigo family. Effective as of February 6, 2013, gamigo will take over the license as well as the operation of your favorite game,” said the gamigo team on the official Fiesta website ( “All players who have an accoun...
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Feb 08 2013
fiesta online ascension of adelia expansion
New maps, items, quests, monsters, bosses, class skills and a reworked quest interface come packed in this new Fiesta Online content expansion. Ascension of Adelia introduces six new maps, including Adelia, the village in the clouds. Each class also gets some specialized pampering, with each one receiving three completely new armor sets and three new skills that should spice up their combat combos. For PvE fans, this Fiesta Online expansio...
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Dec 17 2012
fiesta online hidden mine kingdom quest
Fiesta Online is a free anime-inspired online rpg whose gameplay hews closely to traditional MMORPG models like World of Warcraft. But developers of the game thought it would be nice change of pace to inject a tower defense-like mission that's exciting and literally explosive. The tower defense feature, called the Fiesta Hidden Mine Kingdom Quest, will have players scrambling to blow up the baddies attempting to steal precious gold in a sacred h...
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Sep 14 2012