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  • Fantasy Tennis: char

    Fantasy Tennis: char
    At first you can choose from 2 characters. Hopefully, Niki is ready to learn about the world of Fantasy Tennis Online....
    Fantasy Tennis: char

    Fantasy Tennis: world

    Fantasy Tennis: world
    This game is not exactly a pure sports simmulation. There are quests and a house in addition to more standard play. ...
    Fantasy Tennis: world

    Fantasy Tennis: items

    Fantasy Tennis: items
    Accumulate and buy new items as you play the game. These bunny ears came from activating my account. Sorry, Niki!...
    Fantasy Tennis: items

    Fantasy Tennis: match

    Fantasy Tennis: match
    When you are not running around in quests, you can play tennis matches. The controls take some time to get used to. It looks like ...
    Fantasy Tennis: match

Fantasy Tennis Gameplay

Fantasy Tennis Gameplay

Fantasy Tennis is a sports mmorpg, developed by NPIC Soft and published by alaplaya. The game world is called Fantasy Land. In this world, tennis is the ultimate sport. Fantasy Land was created by the goddess Isis as a refuge from other evil gods. Every year, tennis players from all corners of Fantasy Land take part in a great contest. The winner gains the goddess's favors. Fantasy Tennis gameplay and game modes focus on tennis matches. Characters advance based on a leveling and stat system. Each Fantasy Tennis character has a unique story. Players will be pleasantly surprised to see elves, humans and even vampires. Unfortunately, there is no way you can personalize starting avatars with outfits, hair styles, accessories and such.

Players can choose one of the free Fantasy Tennis avatars or buy one from the cash shop. There are all sorts of starting combos for those who are willing to invest a bit of cash. The free playable characters are: Niki, Lunlun, Danphir, Lucy, Shua, Pochi and Al. Niki hopes to win the tennis tournament so he can go back to his home land. Lunlun practices magic but sometimes her spells have unpredictable results. She is the one that accidentally brought Niki to Fantasy Land. Danphir is quite a unique character. He is a vampire. Aboard her pirate ship, Lucy is on a quest to find her father. Shua is an elven character. She travels Fantasy Land in search for clues about her past. Pochi is a cute looking girl with a strong character. Al is actually a doll. He is crafted with such skill that he behaves just like a human being. Fantasy Tennis online rpg characters have 4 stats. Each time they level up, they gain points that can be distributed and enhance the preferred stats. Ranks are obtained when reaching certain level thresholds.

Battlemons are pets that will team up with Fantasy Tennis characters when playing doubles. There are 2 types of battlemons: squirrels and some blue little birdies. Unlike other rpg games online that have battlegrounds and dungeons, Fantasy Tennis has tennis courts. Each court is placed in a different setting. Some Fantasy Tennis courts are on the beach while some others can be found in forests and even on an air ship. Fantasy Tennis features 6 game modes: basic, battle, battlemon, chat, house and quest mode. House mode is something similar to player housing. Players can decorate their house and invite friends over for all sorts of activities. Fantasy Tennis is not necessarily a game for tennis fans. Basic is the only mode that has classic tennis rules. You don't need to be a tennis expert to enjoy Fantasy Tennis.

By Rachel Rosen

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