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    Fantasy Realm Online: spells
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    There are 6 classes in Fantasy Realm. These determine your starting skills and stats....
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Fantasy Realm Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Fantasy Realm Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Fantasy Realm Online is a free MMORPG with sandbox features and graphic style that reminds of Ultima series, it is developed and published by Seamless Network Systems. Users get to enjoy a solid single player experience, lots of ways to build and customize characters, different play styles and also massive social interaction. RPG fans have plenty of classes to choose from, quests that will take players all over the world to kill mobs, defeat powerful bosses and obtain rewards. Players that are looking for a different play style will not be disappointed as Fantasy Realm Online allows gamers to become merchants that travel the world in search of goods that are sold to other players for a nice profit.

Moon Haven is the Fantasy Realm Online world where the action takes place. The story is somehow a stereotype seen in most RPG games but there is a gameplay twist. Players can choose an alignment, they are not necessarily the heroes tasked with saving the world. A big part of the content experienced by players is decided by this good or evil choice. Quest and story development are different. Evil and good players unlock unique alignment skills and perks. The choice also decides PvP roles, evil and good players are natural enemies that get to fight in PvP battlegrounds and impact story progression. Fantasy Realm Online has a selection of 6 classes: Barbarian, Knight, Rogue, Ranger, Wizard and Merchant. The Merchant is the most interesting class due to its non aggressive play style and unique development. The other 5 classes are focused on combat and gain XP when completing quests or killing mobs but Merchant duties involve none of that. Fantasy Realm Online merchants run errands for shopkeepers to obtain XP, as they level up they get to improve gathering (mining, woodcutting) and crafting (blacksmithing, carpentry) skills that allow them to produce all sorts of sellable items. Playing a Merchant can be a challenge especially for someone used to classic roles but it’s definitely one of the most unique play styles. Players who choose one of the other 5 playable classes will discover a stat system based on 6 attributes, a complex skill system and plenty of equipment and weapons to choose from.

Fantasy Realm Online graphics and overall looks are deliberately designed to resemble vintage games like Ultima or Diablo 2. Fantasy Realm Online is an online RPG aimed for veteran players that want to experience MMO features and innovations in a familiar context. The world comes alive thanks to the dynamic weather system and day/night cycle that impacts mobs respawn rate and strength. Players get to shape Moon Haven map at higher levels by taking part in territory conquest wars. All Fantasy Realm Online game content is designed for both single and multiplayer.

By Rachel Rosen

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