Fallen Earth's latest state-of-the-game update outlines 2014 changes

By Michael Jamias
fallen earth state game january 2014

Fallen Earth's state-of-the-game update for January reveals that The Outpost is being tuned to become a central content hub for high level players.

"The design for The Outpost allows us to set up an area where we can regularly add new content and goals for high level players.  This staged content will give player more to explore as well as give us new ways to challenge and reward both group and solo activities," developers said.

Aside from pouring in a lot of work in The Outpost, mmorpg designers are also creating new buildings, armor and recipe books for crafters.

Content fixes are also a high priority this first month of 2014. The mmorpg has plenty of missions, and developers are going through them one by one to see which one requires a reward boost to make them more satisfying for players.

Area generated nodes may also see a decrease in the near future while individually placed nodes will be increased. This is to help stabilize the merchant economy in the post-apocalyptic online rpg.

Finally, developers aren't too keen about how keep PvP battles have devolved into a matter of destroying doors. Changes will be rolled out to put the focus back on killing other players in order to win in PvP.


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