Fallen Earth devs unveil PvP and PvE plans for summer

By Michael Jamias
fallen earth pvp pve plans summer

A new Fallen Earth development blog outlines the line-up of PvP and PvE features that just might make it out this summer.

For PvP, developers are about to move into the production phase of a new non-instanced PvP scenario. Fallen Earth fans will have to come prepared when entering this hostile new territory because dedicated PvP players will be out for blood.

Developers also doled out some reminders to both PvP newbies and veterans, with the former being asked to prepare for the worst-case scenario when venturing into PvP zones and the latter to refrain from abusing their experience by engaging in unsavory practices like cloner camping. If both camps learn to do these things, the PvP experience in the free online rpg should improve noticeably.

Meanwhile for PvE, the two-man Dome arena is just about to roll out. After this, developers will be focusing on creating a new area "for everyone to explore, build, defend and enjoy."

Some storyline secrets will also be unfolded in the coming Fallen Earth patches with fans discovering some answers to the MMO's most puzzling questions like: "What was GlobalTech really doing with clones?" and "Is there anything left outside the Grand canyon?"

Most Fallen Earth fans do not know the fate of the rest of the world, and this promise from the developers signals a possible expansion of the known explorable world.

The new upcoming section, in particular, will be a mission hub that advances the plot and uncovers some of the mysteries that have long been making fans scratch their heads.


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