Fallen Earth Turns 3, Rolls Out GORE Weapons

By Michael Jamias
fallen earth gore weapons

Fallen Earth celebrates its third anniversary in true post-apocalyptic MMO fashion by dumping lethal G.O.R.E. weapons into the game.

G.O.R.E. weapons represent some of the best weapons to-date in Fallen Earth, and fall under three combat models – The Bastard pistol, The Jackal rifle and The Lunatic melee. As main feature of the new update 2.5, these G.O.R.E. weapons serve as the explosive anniversary gifts of developer Reloaded Productions to fans of the free online rpg.

“These weapons promise a major improvement over existing technology, lending those lucky enough to find them early a significant advantage on the battlefield,” said Reloaded Productions in a release.

G.O.R.E weapons can be made by hunting down the base schematics scattered across the wild expanse of the online rpg, and each weapon can be further upgraded two additional times.

A launch event has also been planned to mark the arrival of these destructive armaments. Reloaded Productions described the scenario as follows:

“Outsiders have been moving suspicious caravans through the canyon, rumored to contain both prototypes G.O.R.E. weapons and the supplies to construct them. LifeNet Technicians in capital cities will be urging clones to help discover the locations of the stashed crates, and to bring back anything they find. Successfully completing the mission grants a unique item reward, and participants will get their choice of G.O.R.E schematics.”


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