Fallen Earth farming system heading to PTS

By Michael Jamias
fallen earth farming pts

Time to get your green thumbs dirty -- the new Fallen Earth farming system hits the public test server “very shortly” before going live “later in the month.”

Aside from confirming the development schedule, the most recent Fallen Earth devblog also discusses the functionality of farms.

“Farms are crafted through construction. There are three levels of farms, 3 plot, 6 plot and 9 plot. The number of plots in the farm determines how many seeds or cloning kits you can plant. Seeds (used to grow plants) and cloning kits (used to grow animals) are crafted through construction,” the devblog said.

“Each farm has a farmhouse attached, with the higher level farms having larger rooms and more amenities including vaults, mailboxes and those super comfy couches,” it added.

Farms will have few placing restrictions, but Fallen Earth developers advise that it is more optimal to put them on “mostly flat land that’s not too close to another camp, player, node or hostile” to ensure they prosper and produce full harvests.

Farms in the free online rpg also benefit from mmo cash shop items, such as those that extend the life of the farm for up to three days or those that boost the harvest amount and speed of each farm. Dedicated rpg fans will also be able to purchase vanity clothes that help them look the part of a farmer.


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