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Judge Dredd enforcing the law in Fallen Earth
The world can be a harsh place, especially when that world is the post-apocalypse. For those who struggle to survive in the Fallen Earth mmorpg, they know this fact of life all too well. After the Shiva virus and nuclear war decimated the planet, the remnants of humanity squabble and fight amongst themselves. Lawlessness abounds as those who venture out to the wastelands have to face the threat of mutated creatures as well as warring factions, su...
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Nov 17 2014
fallen earth state game january 2014
Fallen Earth's state-of-the-game update for January reveals that The Outpost is being tuned to become a central content hub for high level players. "The design for The Outpost allows us to set up an area where we can regularly add new content and goals for high level players.  This staged content will give player more to explore as well as give us new ways to challenge and reward both group and solo activities," developers said. Aside from...
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Jan 11 2014
fallen earth pvp pve plans summer
A new Fallen Earth development blog outlines the line-up of PvP and PvE features that just might make it out this summer. For PvP, developers are about to move into the production phase of a new non-instanced PvP scenario. Fallen Earth fans will have to come prepared when entering this hostile new territory because dedicated PvP players will be out for blood. Developers also doled out some reminders to both PvP newbies and veterans, with the fo...
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Jun 12 2013
fallen earth farming pts
Time to get your green thumbs dirty -- the new Fallen Earth farming system hits the public test server “very shortly” before going live “later in the month.” Aside from confirming the development schedule, the most recent Fallen Earth devblog also discusses the functionality of farms. “Farms are crafted through construction. There are three levels of farms, 3 plot, 6 plot and 9 plot. The number of plots in the farm determines how many seeds or ...
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Dec 10 2012
fallen earth gore weapons
Fallen Earth celebrates its third anniversary in true post-apocalyptic MMO fashion by dumping lethal G.O.R.E. weapons into the game. G.O.R.E. weapons represent some of the best weapons to-date in Fallen Earth, and fall under three combat models – The Bastard pistol, The Jackal rifle and The Lunatic melee. As main feature of the new update 2.5, these G.O.R.E. weapons serve as the explosive anniversary gifts of developer Reloaded Productions to fa...
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Sep 13 2012