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  • Fairyland Online: Customization

    Fairyland Online: Customization
    Choose from 3 races, each race acts as a class and provides unique attributes....
    Fairyland Online: Customization

    Fairyland Online: Tutorial

    Fairyland Online: Tutorial
    The tutorial takes place in classrooms, treat it as if it were school and skip it....
    Fairyland Online: Tutorial

    Fairyland Online: Combat

    Fairyland Online: Combat
    The combat is similar to the Pokemon franchise and as you run around you enter a turn-based system....
    Fairyland Online: Combat

    Fairyland Online: Reward Yourself

    Fairyland Online: Reward Yourself
    After leveling your character choose a satisfying attribute build for your game style. ...
    Fairyland Online: Reward Yourself

Fairyland Online gameplay

Fairyland Online gameplay

Fairyland Online is a fantasy free to play mmo, developed and published by Lager Network Technologies Inc. Fairyland Online is a game about tales and fairies. The graphic style will probably appeal to a younger playerbase. Character models and landscapes have a cartoony and childish design. Fairyland Online isn't exactly a new game and graphics reflect that. However, it has a light feeling and is very pleasant for the eye. If you want a break from dark mmorpg games, Fairyland Online might be the game for you. It's also perfect for gamer parents that want to introduce their kids to gaming. Players will meet traditional characters like Snow White and Cinderella. Fairyland Online has a race and class system, quests and pets.

Humans, Elves and Dwarves are Fairyland Online playable races. Humans are the most flexible Fairyland Online race. Their balanced nature allows them to take up any profession. Gion is the town where humans start Fairyland Online. Elves make great mages but they lack the constitution and strength to become good melee fighters. Level 1 elf characters spawn in Greenville. Dwarves are the opposite of Elves. They have unmatched fighting skills but they don't exactly excel in the magic department. Dwarves start in Ilium. Players can choose a female or a male character. Fairyland Online rpg classes have 6 main stats: strength, dexterity, intelligence, charm, constitution and luck. Secondary stats are: hit points (health), magic points (mana), fame, food level, weight, damage, hit, ac and defense. Fairyland Online class system features 3 basic classes, each with 3 specializations. The Warrior can train to become a: blademan, swordsman or axeman. The choices for Journeyman are: martial artist, beastmaster and trader. The Diviner specializations are: mage, acolyte of light or acolyte of dark. Fairyland Online characters can opt for a class once they reach level 10.

Fairyland Online characters can pick up working skills. There are gathering skills and crafting skills. Players can visit NPCs and learn: woodcutting, hunting, mining, harvesting, fishing and farming. With the gathered mats players can create weapons, armor and various items. Fairyland Online mmorpg quests are inspired by classic tales. Players will be tasked with helping the little mermaid, follow Alice or go on an adventure with Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Players can track down and fight bosses to earn Fairyland Online rare titles. Not all mobs are worth killing. Some can be tamed and kept as pet. Pets can help you in combat with offensive and defensive abilities. Fairyland Online pets have stats and can level up. Players that want to acquire special pets or items can visit Fairyland Online cash shop.

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