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Face of Mankind shutting down
In this era where all the attention is focused on blockbuster games developed by huge corporations, we have to remember that there are still mmo games that were created by just a handful of people or even a lone individual. Sadly, one of those independent online games will cease to be in the near future as reports of Face of Mankind shutting down in August have been released.The creator of Face of Mankind, Marko Dieckmann, wrote a Facebook po...
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Jul 15 2015
face of mankind beta
With the exception of the Runescape Old School server, it's rare to see an original, classic mmorpg successfully revive itself, but it seems like NeXeon Technologies are acheiving the impossible....twice. Face of Mankind was one of the longest stretching projects of the early millennials; first emerging in 2004 it bobbed in and out of beta tests, launching in 2006, collapsing slowly into 2008 revived again in 2009 and then fading into the backgr...
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Apr 15 2014