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  • Face of Mankind: character

    Face of Mankind: character
    Character creation is fairly straight forward. You do not have to worry about picking a class. She reminds me of the female Shepha...
    Face of Mankind: character

    Face of Mankind: home

    Face of Mankind: home
    My apartment. It has a bathroom, living room, bed, computer where I can choose who I am fighting for, and a teleporter to some poi...
    Face of Mankind: home

    Face of Mankind: gear

    Face of Mankind: gear
    Remember to open your inventory and equip your starting gear. You have starting task that involves not pulling your gun for 40 mi...
    Face of Mankind: gear

    Face of Mankind: fighting

    Face of Mankind: fighting
    Hit the number of your weapon to unholster that weapon. Then click to shoot. Right click lets you aim. Be careful, defense turrets...
    Face of Mankind: fighting

Face Of Mankind Gameplay

Face Of Mankind Gameplay

Face of Mankind is a free sci fi mmorpg, developed and published by Nexeon Technologies. Face of Mankind was originally developed in 2004 by Duplex Systems. In 2010, Nexeon Technologies took over with the development. In a not so distant future, Earth became overcrowded. Humans established prosperous colonies on different planets. Several clans rose to power and are making their own rules. These clans fight against each other for military and economic domination. The future development of mankind lays in the outcome of this clan war. Face of Mankind has specific mmorpg features like: character development, PvP and PvE content. Face of Mankind players start their game adventure with a little tutorial that teaches game basics. More quests following this tutorial will help players get familiar with Face of Mankind system.

Like all rpg games, Face of Mankind starts with character creation. There are a few character customization options like choosing male or female character models and outfits. The choice that will influence gameplay the most is faction choice. There are 8 Face of Mankind factions. The Guardians of Mankind are a popular faction. Their main goal is to stop the Dominion from exploiting citizens and ensuring that their rights are protected. The Brotherhood of Shadows is a rogue like faction that always operates clean without leaving a trace. However, they never take an innocent life. Mercenaries of the Blood will most likely offer their services to the highest bidder. They are an anarchic organization and believe all governments are prone to corruption. Eurocore has the knowledge and technology to build robots. This corporation has subsidiaries all around Earth and colonized planets. The Law Enforcement Department makes sure that everyone obeys the law. Vortex Incorporated is a mysterious faction whose plans are unknown to outsiders. They have several research facilities but their political views aren't very clear. The Colonizing and Mining Guild faction deals with exploration and resource collecting. They have democratic views but have their own military force.

Face of Mankind characters have several stats: armor, bio-energy, stamina, health and aura. Armor is composed of all pieces of equipment that protects characters and mitigates damage. Bio-energy is a resource used for implants. Aura affects vision and character movement. Health measures a character’s life points. Stamina is a resource used for sprinting and jumping. Face of Mankind free online rpg has a perma death system. When your character runs out of clones, perma death occurs. Face of Mankind cash shop offers all sorts of items that cannot be obtained in game. Face of Mankind has optional premium membership.

By Rachel Rosen


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