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  • Evoland: beginning

    Evoland: beginning
    Evoland has 3 themes. It shows the progression of the game industry, it is an action-adventure rpg, and it spoofs some popular vid...
    Evoland: beginning

    Evoland: tacics

    Evoland: tacics
    As you progress through the decades, and story, in Evoland you will unlock many new game mechanics. One of the most common themes ...
    Evoland: tacics

    Evoland: zelda

    Evoland: zelda
    Even though many games are referenced, there are 2 main inspirations. Final Fantasy and Zelda. Early in the game we unlock 2-d gam...
    Evoland: zelda

    Evoland: graphics

    Evoland: graphics
    During your gameplay you will notice that even the grapics are evolving. The pixels get better, the music quality improves, you ca...
    Evoland: graphics

Evoland Gameplay First Look

Evoland Gameplay First Look

Evoland is a unique take on the RPG from Shiro Games and is based on the phenomenal Evoland Classic, which was developed in just 48 hours and won the Ludum Dare competition by beating out 1400 games. The original game quickly garnered over 300,000 players and became a cult hit. This led to Evoland being greenlit by the users of Steam. Evoland is a journey through the history of action adventure gaming in the vein of the Zelda or Final Fantasy series and continues the story in the original Evoland Classic. As you play, the entire history of Japanese style RPGs will unfold before you.

The gameplay of Evoland is unique. As the game begins, the graphics are simple two-dimensional monochrome and the gameplay mechanics are basic as the earliest rpgs were. As the player progresses through the game, the game evolves as well and follows the progression of the tried-and-true action adventure games that we all grew up with. New systems are introduced, new technologies are unlocked, the graphics become increasingly updated, and 2D eventually morphs into full blown 3D environments. Battles will go from just hitting something with a weapon to the more complex active time combat found in the Final Fantasy games and then eventually to real time boss fights.

This single player RPG Game will have you feeling that you're visiting old friends and reliving past glories as you travel throughout a vast fantasy world. You won't get bored playing Evoland as there are tons of things to do in the game: exploring dungeons, playing mini-games, solving puzzles, collecting, unlocking various achievements, looting, finding the best gear to wear, and fighting monsters of course. You can even revisit the original starting area to explore it in its full 3D glory. If you want to travel in style, you can explore the overworld in your very own airship. There is also plenty of humor in Evoland to keep the tone light and players will want to definitely keep an eye out for references to classic games from the past. For the small price of just under ten bucks, you'll partake of an enjoyable and unique trip down memory lane.

By Jeff Francis

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