EverQuest is tackling Swarming in February update

By Tam Mageean
everquest swarming

Back in the day, EverQuest had a reputation for being a great mmorpg for gamers with low-spec computers.

However, as the game has progressed, over nearly 15 years of enhancements, additions, expansions and updates, the free mmo has got busier and more cluttered, and has became much more demanding.

The new February EverQuest update hopes to eliminate some of the CPU draw on the EverQuest servers, which have been locking out due to the influx of gamers taking to "swarming", Swarming is when a player angers and accrues huge numbers of NPC's, and then drags them around in their wake, slowly picking them off. There's a technique to it, but many have found it rewarding, to the detriment of others.

To do this, the update will be changing some of the more effective, crowd controlling abilities and by nerfing beneficial melee attacks, presumably the life-giving attacks like Mortal Coil and Leech Curse.

Nerfs are seldom welcomed by a gaming community, but the development team at SOE have all place their inputs and opinions on the official forums, which can be viewed here. The resulting affect has been positive from the community so far, but we'll have to see how they feel once the update has been fully implemented and tested out, before knowing if it's fixed the swarming pandemic.


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