Everquest previews Rain of Fear expansion zones and dungeons

By Michael Jamias
everquest rain of fear preview zones

Everquest developers takes us through a guided tour of the new zones and dungeons coming with the freshly activated Rain of Fear expansion.

Based on the behind-the-scenes commentary from the developers, the new zones and dungeons will live up to the intimidating name of the free rpg expansion.

“Shard’s Landing will be the first place you’ll visit and the place where you’ll probably die the least,” said Everquest game designer Chris Black, “My goal in designing Shard’s Landing was to re-create the experience I had as a player in Dragonscale Hills. I wanted to fill the area with interesting characters and fill it with enough quests to keep you entertained for a long time.”

Zones featured in the video include Eventil the Vile Oak, a once-prosperous tree whose fruits now spread vile corruption; the Breeding Grounds, an ancient massive cavern that has become a cesspit of fear dragons; and Valley King Xorbb, among others.

As a theme, the new zones for the mmorpg focus on the twisted transformations in each zone after the shards of fear fell. Players will need to root out the evil that has festered in these areas. Long-time fans will also be pleasantly surprised at how some of the zones have been designed based on previous zones but with updated twists that should make them feel both familiar and fresh.


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