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By Tam Mageean
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It seems the Sony Online Entertainment have been inspired by Blizzard's boost incentive. World of Warcraft has made the headlines week after week lately, due to their Level 90 boost package that they're giving away, free, with their Warlords of Draenor expansion. The freebie has already got players craving more easy endgame entry, and fans of the mmorpg are willing to pay Blizzard $60 for the benefit.

6 months ago SOE launched a similar feature in EverQuest, with the introduction of their Heroic characters. For roughly $35, SOE will grant you access to an instant end-game, Level 85 character, complete with Level 85 armor, weapons and even a mount, in their own fantasy mmo.

To try and give the same taste for fast-leveling that Blizzard have inspired, SOE are giving away one free heroic character per account, between March 12th and March 26th. If you want to buy extra Heroic characters after that can do so for the digital price of 3,500 in SOE's own, Station Cash, which can be purchased from Sony, for roughly $1 per 100.

Everquest heroic character

As with World of Warcraft, EverQuest has became much more of a high level game, due to its age and its long-standing, committed fanbase, so hopefully the Level 85, fully equipped heroes will incentivize new players who may otherwise steer clear of the mmo; for fear of steeping into a grind-fest.

Either way, instant leveling has its pro's and con's. Let us know your thoughts on free EverQuest heroic characters in the comments section below.


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