Hate is rising in EverQuest

By Tam Mageean
everquest hate update

The next game update in EverQuest; Hate Rising, is in the breach and ready to hit the free to play mmorpg.

SOE issued a statement earlier this week, declaring that they are aiming for a launch tomorrow, although it was initially scheduled for today. Players have recently been upset by the short notice and schedule changes that have plagued the update, but hopefully the update will speak for itself, and all will be forgiven.

Judging by the announcement, the update for players with the mmo's Call of the Forsaken expansion, which was released late last year. 

"With Lady Lendiniara’s presence threatening the existence of Norrath, an unlikely alliance has been forged with The Forsaken to send the dangerous dragon home. At Zebuxoruk’s request, the bravest will fight their way through recently discovered lands to recover magical artifacts that contain the power to return Lady Lendiniara to her world."

Hate Rising has been in beta since the turn of 2014, with a large chunk of the EverQuest community taking part and assisting the developers. The update notes themselves haven't been published, but SOE have promised a new set of unbelievable and rare items to coincide with the new campaign. The new zones that SOE are working on are being saved for a later update, with this one focusing mainly on expanding the potential for their Heroic Adventures system.

Hate Rising should be available from tomorrow, at noon EST.


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