Everquest franchises unveil early 2014 content roadmaps

By Michael Jamias
everquest franchises 2014 content

Are you a fan of Everquest, Everquest 2 or Everquest Next Landmark? Then you'll want to tune in to this Everquest franchise updates video that gives a preview of what's to come this year straight from the top producers.

Everquest will spend the rest of January rolling out the Call of the Forsaken: Hate Rising update. It contains new raids, missions, and opens up Heroic adventures to mmo players with level 85 and higher characters, significantly expanding their playable content in the endgame.

Come March, the Everquest team then shifts into celebratory mode as the seminal mmorpg marks its 15th anniversary. As a rewards, players will be getting new race-classc combinations and nostalgia-inducing Plane of War content.

Everquest 2 content plans include this week's new update, which converts several of the Kingdom of Sky zones into fabled zones. Then not to mention the swath of fresh PvE content: 3 Heroic instances, 1 Heroic contested zone called The Sanctum of the Scaleborn, 1 raid zone, 2 single-boss instances and a smorgasbord of new loot and prestige homes.

Finally for Everquest Next Landmark -- the sandbox free rpg that will be released synergistically with the next-gen mmorpg Everquest Next -- an alpha launch is within sight.

During the Landmark alpha, players will be able to use powerful building tools to create almost anything and everything to their heart's desire. Senior producer Terry Michaels said the alpha will involve less bug squashing and more of helping the developers shape the game into the best that it can be before launch.


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