Everquest: Call of the Forsaken expansion coming later this year

By Michael Jamias
everquest call of the forsaken

Everquest: Call of the Forsaken has been confirmed as the 20th expansion for the iconic mmorpg.

One of the longest running online games, Everquest will venture into the once-peaceful plans of West Karana sometime "later this year."

Chaos reigns in the region what with reality itself suffering a tear to expose Ethernere, allowing countless other realities to connect to the Everquest world. This has allowed the powerful dragon Lady Lendiniara to terrorize the region and potentially the rest of Norrath, said Sony Online Entertainment in its teaser release for the milestone expansion.

Everquest players will need to search undiscovered areas of Norrath for powerful artifacts to send Lady Lendiniara back to her world and restore peace and stability in the region.

Everquest: Call of the Forsaken will be a reunion of sorts as well that should delight veterans. Iconic characters thought to be lost forever in time make a nostalgic return this expansion, including: Zebuxoruk, King Naythox Thex, Queen Cristanos Thex, Lendiniara the Keeper, Kyle Bayle, and more.

The expansion is also heaped in features, such as new mercenary alternate advancements (AAs), mercenary gear, two shared bank slots, a new Heroic Adventure system and a load of additional spells, AAs, gear, raids and tradeskills.


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